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30/09/2011 / Rugg Tomcat

Day 90: Truckin.

Uterect, distance covered 100km ish.

Awoke to heavy dew again, fortunatly the campsite had a long gazeebo covering some public benches so packing up was no problem, this time I took down the inner first and prevented any dampness inside, the package was tight but extra heavy. Assembling the tent the night before I had heard more cracking and so I took the time to examine every pole, and found two more cracks in poles. Bound these with insulating tape as I had the first and hoped they would make it. It was about 10am by the time I properly hit the road.

Zwolle was nothing to write home about and quickly left behind me and the first 30km slipped away most easily, I had eaten tuna for breakfast again (Yeah, takes some doing) and it really seemed to help, I didn’t get the sudden hunger stabs I was used to filling with stroopwaffles or assorted bakery. Stopped for lunch in Amersfort and was caught leaving by the rain. I have a policy at the moment which is to stop under a roof and eat whenever this happens, and as I had just managed to supply myself with milk I sheltered under another modernist office block Te Huir and had a huge bowl of Musli. It was a short lived shower and I was back on the road after half an hour and only 20km from Uterect.

The worst thing about this whole trip has been getting into new cities, going round the centre finding food ect and then not knowing the way out, and so it went with Uterect, dispite having a map. I eventually fought my way through native cunning and with night falling to the western outskirts and I began to get panicy, I saw it happening and could keep on top of it but decided I really had to go for the next camping as the problem was not physical but mental tirednes.

Coming into Voondam{?} there was a big sign saying right for the swimming and camping, then another smaller newer but still official looking sign saying camping of the same name straight on. Bastards. Followed the smaller one but was quickly in the centre and went round a roundabout a few times in a daze. A guy hailed me in dutch, I appologised as usual and he said ‘youre looking for the camping?’ this being the extent of his english. Yes! He directed me down the road I had just passed ‘long, on, on.’ and off I went. This was a long dark road, at least to my mind and after going for some km I had come to the city outskirts and a new cycle sign. I decided to forget it and continue on and was just looking at the map trying to decide the best way to take when two other men stopped to help, they directed me onward but remarked that there was a camping 500m behind me… Woo! They had better english and clearer instructions and I was there. No one up but I camped (without getting the inside damp, but with more cracking noises from the poles) near the other tents, right next to a dyke and the toilet blocks. The familiar eat sleep cycle followed.


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